A message from a former American atheist activist, Brother Matthew. 
"I no longer believe that the earth is a globe spinning at 1,000 mph at the equator. I tried to debunk Brother Ernest and I failed miserably. I was unable to disprove the Flat and Stationary Earth.  The flat and stationary earth proves that there is a Creator. One does not need to be religious to accept that the earth is flat. Empirical evidence validated by observable science will prove the Flat and Stationary Earth. Brother Ernest has revolutionized my entire way of life. Any so-called Christian or religious person who supports or believes that the Flat Earth is a globe is an evolutionist. You're pretty much an atheist masquerading as a so-called believer. One thing I can assure you of is that there is a Creator. I'm not yet willing yet to admit that the Creator is who Brother Ernest claims, however, I am sure there is a Creator." Former American atheist activist, Flat Earth Deist, Brother Matthew.

Brother Matthew's page is coming soon. I'll continue to post relevant material to this page. I will be adding many former atheists to our sight. May the Creator's light continue to shine in your heart.