The curvature as seen in these pictures above is exactly what the person believes they are seeing. Essentially, were this correct, boats would have to climb the hill of the water so to say sailing upward and begin going downward at some point after reaching the vertex of the curve. The boat would simply never be able to get up the curve while the wave were crashing down. However, the earth is flat and the proof of the flat earth is an absolute still sea. If there were a sphere with a curve as the Satanic globe-heads believe, the ships would go so fast downward that they wound not be able to slow down in such short distances. However, a calm sea that can be seen for miles proves YHWH's earth is flat and that water takes the shape of whatever container is holding it in.  The calm seas also prove that the earth is not rotating at any speed as the Satanists would also have you to believe. YHWHs earth is stationary and flat!

There is no curve on the ground at sea level, there's no curve that is viewable from a high rise. There is no curve seen while skydiving or flying. Let's take a 4-minute flight in a time-lapse from NY to Moscow.

Standing on a ship from the summit or highest point of the said arc, you should see a clear and evident curvature or a decline of 8 inches per statute mile squared. You may use the FE charts we've made to explain the supposed curve or you may calculate the mathematics to find the curvature amount that you should already after visiting this website. We have already taught you how to use the Pythagorean theorem to prove the earth is flat.

I talk with  so many believers of the Globe lie, these so-called well-educated people indoctrinated by the Marxist education system who believe with all their insanity that they can view the curve. Pastor Ernest, they say I've flown airplanes and I have been up in a very high tower... I've seen the curve. I've seen the curve driving down the road. Yet, not once has a believer in the curve succeeded in proving the curve exists. It should be so easy, if they see a curve, I should be able to as well. Yet, that's not the case. I usually offer to take said believer of the curve myth to Apple Pie NJ Hill to see if we can both view the Philadelphia skyline and not once have I been taken up on the offer. Why? They actually know that no curve exists.

I ask the said believer, how far should I have to look out before I can see the curvature? The answer 
, Ernest, you aren't high and far  enough away to see the curve... Yet, that answer is nothing more than an avoidance of the issue. In a globe believer's imagination, they believe they can see the curve, however, you and I both know the earth doesn't curve, YHWH's earth is stationary and flat.

Eratosthenes  was wrong, He never proved
​the earth was a globe!

The reason Messiah was led up to a high mountain is so that
​ He could see all the Kingdoms of the Flat Earth.

 Measuring the supposed curvature of the earth is so simple that my 6-year-old can figure this out. It is something he just understands. My child has not been and he will not be brainwashed by the public school system. We call that the Marxist-Communist agenda training.

Let us consider that if the "earth is a globe" as Eratosthenes claimed with a circumference of 24,901 miles, shouldn't the surface of all standing water have an element of a noticeable curve in all directions, just like the photo above? Certainly there should be a noticeable convexity and in every direction that one attempts to look or travel. Think about it, planes would have to continually dip down, trains would either be climbing or descending, people on the bottom of the spinning globe would be upside down. This is nonsense.