Absolute proof that Saddam did not gas the Kurds.

Israel wanted Saddam's gold, there's no arguing about this.
All wars are banker wars. These bankers are the Chazars.
Christ rebuked the jews for their love of money.

The terrorists in the U.S. Government invade Iraq based on a Weapons of Mass Destruction claim made up by the Jews.

Bernanke Shalom admits Jews caused the great depression. It's time to arrest the jews, try them for treason. These Communists should be dealt with according to the US Constitution.

  January 2001, Saddam Hussein gives 32.9 million 'wretched' Americans $94 million dollars. It's a few bucks however, Palestine would be aided by $1BN dollars.
That's a game changer for Palestine.  

There's one catch, the money distribution had to be given directly to American citizens and the transfer overseen by Iraqi officials.

By this time Saddam had announced in 2000 that he would begin trading in multilateral Euros and not the dollar of the 'devil.' Kid ya not, he said that.

Most people are religiously brainwashed, thanks to the Zionist news, that they actually  believe that 'Saddam was the worst evil dictator to live in our generation'. Let me say this, compared toDwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Banes Johnson
​or the Talmudic Jew, George Bush, Saddam's, a saint.

I find it odd that these same duped humans just can't see how much more evil our own United States government has been to its own people. It is these same twisted Americans who believe it is moral to incarcerate Americans for debts and fines like tickets, child support, unpaid taxes, bank liens, bank fees, bank seizures... These Zionist Christians see no problems in the fact that the United States has gassed more humans to death than did Christian Germany during WW2 who sadly, gassed zero jews. Christian Germany gassed zero people during WW2. The USA had gas chambers in U.S. prisons and electric chairs, many of those killed. Isn't it amazing that no one cares about the United States terrorism?

 Our own government has firebombed communities and murdered millions of Americans in a genocidal war led by the Jew. Nothing Saddam has done is anywhere near as bad as what our Government has done to millions of innocent Christians and Muslims in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Syria. Soldiers will even admit that USA is the greatest terrorist of all nations. Most join for free college and the 3 or 4 grand a month they get, for free. They know who they work for, their Jewish masters. 

Zionist Christians have allowed the jews to murder JFK to steal and plunder our nation's wealth, The United States has been overthrown and we are being extorted by devils in the flesh.   John 6:70-71, Christ answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?
71 He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the 12.
Judas Iscariot was the only Idumean on Christ's team and he was a physical devil.

Saddam Hussein offered aid to 36.2 million Americans in poverty in the United States of America in 2001.
​Saddam gave Palestine $1 billion dollars to fight against Israel. 
President Bush obeys his Zionist masters with an invasion of Iraq and the murder of millions!
This page will prove that your zionist pastor is a liar for Edomite Jews. Most have no clue what actually led up to 911, it was completely preplanned. G.H.W. Bush told Saddam that it was approved to invade Kuwait. This would eventually set up the false flag incident of Gulf War 1 & 2, followed by 9/11, another false flag event...

The government and media lies about Saddam and Gaddafi are overwhelming. 
Zionist Bush Sr., and Jr., wanted Saddam and Gaddafi dead, their gold confiscated

and the Iraqi and Lybian people killed. The Zionists want all Muslim countries destroyed. 

Understanding the Petrodollar
Recycling War machine.

Gaddafi and Saddam break from
the Federal Reserve's Petrodollar. Saddam and Gaddafi share the wealth with their countrymen.

Now it's time to bring you 17 years ahead to the invasion of Kuwait based on trickery by President G.H.W. Bush.  Click the graphic to read the interview.


1973, a deal was struck between Saudia Arabia and the U.S. in which every barrel of oil purchased from the Saudis would be denominated in U.S. dollars. Under this new arrangement, any country that sought to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia would be required to first exchange their own national currency for U.S. dollars in exchange for for Saudi Arabia's willingness to denominate their oil sales exclusively in U.S. dollars.
​Edomite Jews by race are the Saudi princes and kings.
They've infiltrated Saudi Arabia.

Individual Gold Standard,

You could walk into any bank and receive gold for your dollars.

President John F. Kennedy,
7 days before the Jewry killed him.

Saddam had amassed so much wealth that he was able to fundamentally change nations and challenge the United States petrodollar. George Bush, an Ashkenazi Jew, set his serpent eyes upon Saddam's wealth and glory. Let me be truthful, your sons and daughters died or were maimed in a war based on falsities and greed. The Bush family committed treason against the United States of America.
​Any taxation that you pay during an illegal war is an illegal act of 
aggression by you, the duped US taxpayer.

Jews have brainwashed us so much that we have believed their lies about Saddam. The invasion is nothing more than a cover up for the crimes of the Federal Reserve and the petrodollar.

Click this photo to read Saddam's speech, this messenger of truth was one of the greatest men to have ever ruled a free, democratic people.

All Christian Adolf Hitler wanted was the same thing that Saddam and Gaddafi wanted. These men just wanted the expulsion of these atheist-jew bankers from their country. 
The United States of America will be attacked again by these Zionist criminals who have overthrown the Christian Republic of the United States of America. We need to arrest these Christ-hating Jews, put them on trial and execute every single communist Jew who has infiltrated our government. The U.S.A., needs to stop killing Muslims.

Thank you for reading this post and may Yahweh continue to guide you into all truth.

Pastor Ernest.

1991 Bush Sr invades Iraq. 

Bush Gives Saddam an ultimatum in 2003 because Saddam announced the break from the petrodollar. Bush accuses Saddam of having weapons of mass destruction and even gassing his own civilians. As we later learned this was a fabrication, it turned out to be a complete lie.
 Today, we know that this Talmudic Jewish liar should be arrested and put to death by the Government for treason according the U.S. Constitution. 

 May Yahweh take Bush's life in a very painful and traumatic way for what he has done to Christian and Muslim countries.
This should be the prayer of every Christ-fearing believer. 

Saddam was just a pawn in Ashkenazi Jew
G.H.W. Bush's Talmudic plan.

Millions of Americans were in a deliberate caused recession by the jews who caused the collapse. Ben Bernanke admitted so. Roosevelt was racially a Jew who worked directly for the Zionists, he hated America and Christians. This deliberate scam to defraud the people completely worked. Americans were now forced to sell their gold for Federal Reserve dollars that the Congress would be forced to pay Jewish bankers with high rates of interest to print money paid for by the American worker. Americans were not smart enough to understand what Roosenfeltz actually did.
He completely destabilized the US economy.

We're jews, It's time to kill this Saxon JFK right in front of the entire world. Americans are so stupid they think we Edomite Jews are Hebrew Israelites. Dumb Americans will believe the Oswald story since they are addicted to Talmud TV. It will take 50 years for these stupid goy Americans to learn what happened, by then we jews will have sucked America dry. 

"There's a plot in this country, to Enslave every man, woman and child.
​ Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose the plot. "

 After Iraq invaded Kuwait, the country took on so much wealth from oil production that Federal Reserve in America began to panic once Saddam announced he was no longer using petrodollar, proof is in the video below.  Jewry had no choice but to kill Saddam as they did Christian Adolf Hitler. JFK, RFK, JFK Jr., all killed by the hand of the Fed Reserve.. I could keep this up all day.  General Gaddafi was next. He stood up to the Juden. Life in Iraq and Libya were given a fundamental change for the better of the citizens thanks to Saddam and Gaddafi. Both Saddam and Gaddafi elevated the illiteracy rate, both provided healthcare, a living allowance for Iraqi and Libyan people. University and Medical study were free. Every citizen shared in his wealth. I'll get to all this with proof in a moment. Medical treatment surpassed the United States, insurance and free health care for all Iraqi. The nation began to immediately share in the oil profits, something that greedy jews in the United States would never do for the goyim.
Allow me to digress as I discuss the illegal Fed Reserve.

The only President who posed a risk to the Federal Reserve was JFK, we know exactly who killed him and why. If you don't know, here's all the proof you need.

Not sure where this picture is from, I added to it.

Just a reminder,
Israel killed 
a Christian American, Rachel Corrie.

Both countries offered a basic living allowance to all citizens, free University, free healthcare, no taxation, free medicine...

Iraq and Libya both showed the world what Christian Adolf Hitler showed to the world, you could break away from the Communist Banks and your country will thrive and be successful. This video should change your mind about Gaddafi.

Click this graphic below to read The New York Times International interview or click the link.

Gold Standard was removed while Jewish bankers walk away with an untold amount of gold for fake dollars backed by interest.

George Bush framed Saddam Hussein long before any hint that Iraq had supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction, which it never did. Iraq was invaded because Saddam broke away from the dollar and as General Wesley Clark stated, it was all preplanned. Let's cover some important history, 1971 the petrodollar began and the gold standard ended. Here's the timeline of the petrodollar starting with the Federal Reserve in 1913. Allow me to digress, once again.

Bush uses 9-11 to invade Iraq and 6 other countries as confessed by 5-star general, Wesley Clark. This was to overthrow their economy to install Fed Reserve banks in Muslim countries than ban interest according to the Qur'an. Each of these countries did not have a Federal Reserve bank system in their countries.   

​   7 Countries Israel will take out as General Wesley foretold.

'7 countries will fall in 5 years in 2002. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off with Iran.' 
5 Star General Wesley Clark

After the Invasion of Kuwait, Saddam was able to produce billions of dollars of wealth due to Kuwait's oil reserves that now belonged to Iraq. He decides in 2000 to drop the petrodollar which meant huge profits for Iraq, Saddam shared that wealth with the world, (proof below).

 He stated that he would deal only in Euros and of course, this would seriously collapse the Federal Reserve. If one country could do this, others would follow eventually, collapsing the petrodollar.

No newspaper in the country would print this picture.
​ Click the picture for the story.
watch the video below

George H.W. Bush drops 88,500 tons of explosives on Iraq. This was all based upon a lie. Iraq was beginning to threaten the world with what freedom truly looked like. I've just realized, America is the world's terrorist country. From about 1968 to 1991, Iraq enjoyed considerable economic progress with electricity and water available to the entire country. Since 1982, the government built 18 new hospitals some of which were renowned in the Middle East. Health care was virtually free and education was universal and free through graduate college. 

Even food was both inexpensive and abundant. People without land were offered low-interest loans on the condition that the land became productive within five years. Malnutrition was non-existent. A strong infrastructure of highways, dams, hydroelectric power, flood control, irrigation systems, and an efficient telephone system contributed to the growing strength of the economy.

Iraq was at the forefront of the Arab world in its treatment of women. In 1969, the government created the General Federation of Iraqi Women to campaign on behalf of women's rights. By 1983, the Federation launched a four-year plan to encourage women to seek employment. 

This is how G.H.W. Bush destroys hundreds of thousands of humans. The United States of America violated the Geneva Convention which forbade any army to destroy an army when in retreat. This video shows the Iraqi retreat and the crimes the USA committed in the name of Talmudic Jewry.

1971, Nixon removes the world off the Gold Exchange and onto the PETRODOLLAR!

Jews will not appoint anyone other than their same race to run the Fed Reserve.

1913 Woodrow Wilson sells the United States of America into slavery unto the Edomite Jews who own the Federal Reserve.

By ending the Federal Reserve and restricting the jew, 
​poverty will but, vanish!

I was out preaching the gospel, the police didn't appreciate it. The Sgt., in front of me upheld the constitution. 

Bush admits that Saddam had no
​ weapons of Mass Destruction

Those who claim that the US invasion of Iraq and Libya had nothing to do with the petrodollar will have one heck of a time refuting this page. Fact is, that Kissenger, an Edomite Jew, struck a deal with the Saudis based on oil production that would make the Saudis a huge amount of wealth while Fake Israel was left to profit. Countries all across the world are dropping the petrodollar, this is why we're going to war.

 1933 Roosevelt, a communist Jew,  removes the USA off the Individual Gold Standard,
Now only nations could receive gold for thier dollars.

 Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, the invasion was based on a complete lie. Saddam did not gas the kurds!
Israeli jews within the Iranian government gassed the kurds.

Soldiers are awakening and are learning that they are the terrorists, not the Iraqi people.

 Saddam Hussein made the announcement in 2000 as seen in the video above with Gaddafi holding his left hand up. Saddam was going to begin trading oil in Euros. George Bush, Ashkenazi Jew, had to act immediately to protect the petrodollar. Bush announced an invasion based on a lie,' weapons of mass destruction,' Saddam was blamed for involvement in 9-11 by a link to Al Qaida or should we say, 'Al CIA'da?'

The US Military destroyed thriving and peaceful lives in Iraq and Libya for Israel's "golden" benefit..