As a former American Atheist State Director, I was taught by the Ashkenazi Jews to remove any and all Christian religion worship or out of public schools and government except wherein that it was pro-Jewish. That's no joke. American atheists was founded as a Zionist Jewish organization by a Jewess Madalyn Murray O'Hair who's great grandmother was a Jewess. Madalyn attempted a defect to communist Russia during the 50's. Joseph Stalin a Georgian Jew Khazar rabbi was still purging Russia of Orthodox Christians by slaughter and death. Stalin destroyed over 15,000 Orthodox churches in the Ukraine alone. However, not one synagogue was harmed.


The School District responds after my family and I attend my child's ELA meeting. The district orders a no Trespass order against me for being "anti-semitic." To Jay Burkhart the school Superintendent my simply asking a teacher to follow the Pennsyvlania State Code, the 1949 Religious Garb Act law is Anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic. Take a look for yourself. I'm suing the school district now for establishing Judaism as a state endorsed religion.

Satanism is a recognized religion by the US Supreme Court. An atheist teacher in Flordia is allowed to openly wear Baphomet symbols and celebrate Satanism in the public schools. In PA, we are protected from this terror by a 1949 Religious Garb Act. I remind you, if you let one in, they are all allowed. As of now, none are allowed. I believe I'd rather have none than the evil few.

Jesus was not a Jew Ministries will keep you updated on the status of this case. Please keep us in your prayers as we handle this issue with courage. Please visit our "Holocaust" page as we will be filing suit against the School District for teaching the Holohoax, it's a political religious scam.

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However, Muslim women do not wear a symbol on their head covering. So one could technically not tell what religion a female is because both the Bible and the Qur'an admonish their adherents to cover their heads. It is established that wearing a piece of jewelry is different than covering one's head.

In 2003, a District Court for Western Pennsylvania overturned the decision to dismiss a teacher's aid for wearing a cross necklace. I mentioned this case above. The teacher's aid did not meet the statutory definition of a full-time teacher, 
ergo, the religious garb ban still applies today.

Here is
the listed law and the penalties and punishments.

The Pennsylvania Statute 24, § 11-1112 (1982) reads: “(a) That no
teacher in any public school shall wear in said school or while engaged
in the performance of his duty as such teacher any dress, mark, emblem
or insignia indicating the fact that such teacher is a member or
an adherent of any religious order, sect, or denomination. (b) Any teacher employed in  any of the public schools of this Commonwealth who violates the provisions of this section shall be suspended from employment in such school for the term of one year, and in case of a second offense by the same teacher he shall be permanently disqualified from teaching in said school. Any public school director
who after notice of any such violation fails to comply with the
provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction of the first offense, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100), and on conviction of a second offense, the offending school director shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars and shall be deprived of his office as a public school director.”


In most school districts within the Commonwealth, regulations prevent teachers from displaying elements of their personal faith. Teachers may not place a Bible, Torah, or Qur'an on their desktop. I am working on a lawsuit to get the bible taught as the History of the Edomite Jews in public schools. Jews today are the racial Canaanites of the Old Testament. However, until that point that a court changes the law, no religious books are to be displayed in front of students by teachers or staff unless it is a History book. The Holy Bible is a history book and it is perfect and irrefutable in its description of the Canaanite Jews of Edom.

The Pennsylvania Public School code, and similar regulations in other states, prohibits teachers from wearing religious garb. This includes the wearing of a necklace containing a cross, crucifix, a Satanic "Star of David..." If the symbol is visible to students it clearly violates the law. They can wear a religious necklace if they wish, but the symbol has to be tucked behind clothing, completely out of sight.

Ms. Cydnee Cohen on several occasions has purposely violated this law. A teacher's aid, Brenda Nichol, 43, had been aware of the regulation since 1997, and was threatened and then suspended for violating the law. Mrs. Nichols was actually suspended and fined since in April 2008, she again refused to either remove the necklace or tuck in the cross.

She was suspended for a year from her post as a public-school teacher's aide. She said: "I could not follow that code in my heart. I could not deny Christ." She was defended by the Fundamentalist Christian ACLJ the American Center for Law and Justice,  a Jewish organization. Jay Sekulow is an Edomite Ashkenazi Jew. Mrs. Nichols was able to return to work because as a "teacher's aid" the law of the 1949 Religious Garb Act did not apply to her. The law only full-time teachers.

Brenda Nichols a teacher's aid skirted the 1949 PA Religious Garb act as she was not a full time employed teacher so the law didn't apply to a teacher's aid.


Principal Sim is allowing Cydnee Cohen to wear a Star of 'David' necklace. King David had nothing to do with the star of Molech and will not ask for this Jewess teacher to follow the 1949 Religious Garb Act that has caused other teachers to be fired without pay in the Commonwealth. What is he teaching our children? That it is perfectly acceptable to disobey the legislators if you're a Jewess? Looks apparent that that is the case to us. Principal Simm feels Jews are superior to our hired Lawmakers, superior to students and superior to parents.

 By allowing teachers to break the law, he is setting precedent allowing any religious icon to be shown to our children. This includes Christ mockery! Thank God for the 1949 Religious Garb Act that prevents satanist symbols to be shown to our babies.

That being said, Carl Beard is a blood sucking, money hungry attorney who wants to challenge the law to bill the District for legal hours used on defending Jewry. Thanks a lot! Your legal advice surely sucks!

My original complaint

Displaying a religious icon while teaching is  Not Legal in the Commonwealth. This law protects us from Atheists and Satanists who will shove their views down our children's throats since children are a captive audience.

In the final paragraph of Carl Beard's letter, he cites Title VII using the Muslim's teacher's right to the defense of Title VII, however, the court ruled against Mrs. Reardon, banning her from wearing a Muslim covering citing that her covering violates the 1949 Religious Garb act. I remind you that there was not an establishment clause brought before the court, not then or yet. You clearly see that Carl Beard is hoping that Jesus Was Not a Jew ministries would be ignorant of the 1949 Religious Garb Act. In fact, we are not. We understand that a neutral environment in public schools will protect children from Christ-hating atheists and Satanists. As Mr. Beard asserts teachers have freedom of expression in public schools, I ask you what is next? Are teachers now allowed to wear Satanic Baphomet necklaces? Or Atheist symbols such as the Scarlet A? Or better yet, what about a pentagram? Change this law and they will be able to.  The 1949 Religious Garb act is currently being violated by a full-time teacher, who continually wears a Star of David, a satanic symbol in the presence of all the children in the classroom. Also, Principal Sims audibly confesses that he allows teachers to wear crosses and Star of David necklaces clearly violating the 1949 Religious Act. I will be holding the School Board Members in violation of the Religious Garb act, I will be seeking misdemeanor convictions of Board Members, the suspension of all teachers violating this law along with financial damages according to the law, if any are applicable. A Star of David violates a neutral environment. It is very clear that a child who has asked for a neutral teaching environment has been denied.

In paragraph 3 of the solicitor's letter to Pastor E. Perce, the attorney misinterprets the law. I have stated above by photos and the proof of the Western Federal District Court of the case involving Brenda Nichols that the reason she returned to work was because the 1949 Religious Garb Act does not apply to teacher's aids. It only applies to those who are full time employees just like Cydnee Cohen the offending teacher in East Pennsboro Middle School.

The principal is setting a guaranteed standard for atheists and Satanists, many are one in the same to display mockery of Christ to children. Satanism and atheism are protected religions by United States Supreme Court. These recognized religions have direct access to our Christian children. Direct access to wear satanic images and or atheist symbols or even, upside down crosses. David Silverman of the Jewess founded organization American Atheists has said "he will advise atheist teachers to wear their symbols, whatever they are...," see the article in "Deseret News Parent Complains over a Star of David." Many ignorant atheists will harp up and down that atheism is not a religion. Yet, I was there, right at the top of the movement. Atheism is in fact a religion. This is why the head Ashkenazi Jew of the Atheist movement is identifying atheism as a religion with jewelry. These teachers will be and many are currently Christ hating Jewish teachers who will wear offensive religious iconography mocking Yeshua bar Yosef who is Jesus the Christ our LORD. They will wear jewelry to mock your believing children. They will even display hate to young and impressionable students. The Commonwealth currently protects us from any teachers mocking Jesus Christ in our day by Divine Providence.Pardon as I insert how I know this information that teachers will do this and are currently laughing about it. My experience as the former State Director of American Atheists, a communistic Zionist 501 (c)(3) organization that is pro-Israel, anti-Christ and founded by Madalyn O'Hair. She was the communist jewess who was a part of the removal of Bible reading and prayer in schools. See the attached photos of atheist public school teachers just waiting to insult our Christian children. All this while your Zionist pastor was asleep at the wheel.

HI, I'm Cydnee Cohen a Jewess. I don't give a damned about your Muslim or Christian child. I care more about shoving my Judaism down your children's throats than securing a neutral teaching environment. I don't care that a Muslim and several other Christians have lost their teaching certificates in PA for violating this law. I'm a Jewess and no principal or lawmaker will use the law against me. It's called "Jewish Privilege" and you're a "Goyim."

Wearing a head covering is different than wearing a piece of jewelry.   Nowhere in the Holy Bible is a Christian to wear a piece of jewelry in honor to Yahweh. A Muslim is required in the Qur'an to dress moderately, but not in a Burqa. Christian woman however, are actually required in the Holy writings of of the Holy Bible to wear a head coverings.
​Christian head scarfs should be COMPLETELY LEGAL!

The Star of David has already been identified by the Western District Federal Court and the 3rd Circuit Court as a religious symbol, ergo Cydnee Cohen is violating the law openly and in outright disregard for the law.

The case that the Solicitor uses citing Brenda Nichols, pictured a few paragraphs above, does not apply to part-time or substitute teachers, nor does the case cited by Carl Beard  cover the Middle District where East Pennsboro School is from, but only the Western District. The case was stale mated on a technicality. Cydnee Choen, the East Pennsboro Middle School teacher is a full-timecertified and tenured teacher, the law specifically applies to her. It is against the law for her to wear a Star of David symbol in the school.

The Solicitor further uses "the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, however, Teachers do not have a First Amendment where young children are impressionable. If this were the case as Carl Beard asserts, you can see that the case he references above was not challenged on the grounds of the Establishment Clause, which would most likely fail due to the fact that children are impressionable. Carl Beard is flat-out
telling a lie. Using cases that do not apply to the teacher, but to students. Students have a legal right to the Freedom from Religion and Free speech, it is the duty of the school to provide a neutral environment through their employees. This law currently prevents atheists and Satanists and Jews from wearing jewelry to mock Jesus our Lord or to offend our children.

Exposure to criminal liability for those Board Members who allow teachers to violate the law.

ABC27 Responds

By allowing teachers to violate the law, this is what will happen next, the atheists,  Pagans, Satanists and Jews are just waiting in the wind and hoping a satanist, atheist or even a Jew will mock any Christ believing child! They get a kick out of insulting our Christian heritage. They will be protected by the law because ignorant Christians have no clue what is about to happen. As a former American Atheists hired by Jews to remove prayer and mock Christians, I can only be a voice crying in the wilderness warning the Christians that Christianity is under attack in this country. The attack is led by atheist Jews and practicing Jews.

Herb Silverman, David Silverman, John Wolffe and so many other jews hate Christianity and despise and mock believers.  Yet, thank Yahweh that they do not hate Christianity as much as I hate atheistic Zionist Jews!

I can only pray that you will awaken and listen to people who are coming forward warning you of Zionism.

Mrs. Alima Reardon a Muslim teacher was fired for wearing a Burqa violating the 1949 Religious Garb Act! If Cydnee Cohen is allowed to violate the law, the state is establishing Judaism as an endorsed religion and this would be illegal.

The "Star of David" defined below.

These  should stay illegal.

 The 1949 Religious Garb Act prevents all religions including Satanists, atheists, Jews and Muslims from wearing offensive jewelry or a burqa in our children's presence whilst teaching classes to a captive audience. It was created as a ban on Catholicism against the beautiful cross by Talmudic Jews but today, the 1949 Religious Garb Act is an absolute salvation to our students. This law is actually backfiring on Jewry. The law currently stands and the law HAS BEEN challenged by the highest court in the Commonwealth of PA. The law held ground in the 3rd Circuit Court and the Western Federal District Court which barred a Muslim full-time employed teacher from wearing a a burqa that covered her body except her face and hands while teaching young students. Mrs. Reardon lost her case in the Western District Federal Court (screen shots of her case in the article below.)  She was absolutely barred from wearing a head covering. Also, a teacher's aid Brenda Nichols wore a crucifix and the Court allowed  her to return to work after being disciplined and fined for violating the 1949 law. The law only applies to full time full time employed teachers.  Mrs. Nichols was restored and refunded since she was only an aide. The Supreme Court and PA Courts have ruled that the Star of David is an identifiable religious icon. Most of the "Jews" atheist-Jews included would absolutely support the 1949 Religious Garb law.  As a former Zionist-atheist who was trained under Jews, atheist-Jews included, I can assure you, most Jews favor no religious iconography at all. I would love for all to wear crosses, however, not all will be Christian. If the school allows but one to violate the law, then all can and will.

Principal Sim is setting a legal standard for Burqa's and Niqabs and satanic symbols to be worn in public schools while teaching impressionable children.
Principal sim is openly discriminating against muslims who were fired in the past.

 Certified Teacher Cydnee Cohen continually violates the law by wearing  the "Star of David" necklace which is a Satanic symbol whilst teaching impressionable children in the 6th grade. This occurred at East Pennsboro Middle School. CYdnee Cohen purposely violated the 1949 Religious Garb Act because she is Jewish. She disregards that Christians, Muslims, and those of other faiths have been fired from employment. Teachers have had their teaching certificates revoked and banned from teaching in the Commonwealth for wearing crosses. The 3rd Circuit Supreme Court of the Commonwealth does not recognize that teachers, be they Muslims or Christians have a Title VII Defense to violate the 1949 Religious Garb Act. This means that a teacher's right to free speech should allow them to violate the 1949 Garb Act.  Teachers have attempted to violate this law by wearing a Muslim burqa, a Christian cross or even those who attempted pagan symbols. They've all been fired, except the Satanic Jewess. The Board of Directors is allowing an adherent of the Jewish religion to violate the law and this instruction will earn misdemeanors charges, fines and lengthy suspensions for these School Board Members and not to mention, the long overdue revoking of Cydnee Cohen's teaching certificate. According to Dan Eisen of the PA State Board of Education, she is in violation of the 1949 Religious Garb Act and the punishments for violating the law are clear and evident and the PA State Board is not in the practice of discriminating, or are they?
This Jewess has a long history of pushing her aggressive Judaism on innocent students and even Jewish parents to cause financial harm and punish parents by illegally labeling people "Neo-Nazis" or "antiSemites."  She is in no doubt a militant Jewess who needs her teaching certificate REVOKED AT ONCE!

East Pennsboro Middle School teacher violates the 1949 Religious Garb Act/ law barring teachers from wearing religious iconography during school hours.
The promotion of Zionistic Judaism in public schools is illegal. It also is establishing Judaism as a State Endorsed Religion.
This is clearly a violation of the Establishment Clause and a violation of State Law.

Complaint is filed by a student to have a teacher remove a "Star of David"
necklace which is a Satanic symbol
while teaching 6th grade students and elementary students.

Imagine if this were a cross?  People would be upset that their children see a reference to Christ.

Imagine if a Muslim woman wore a covering in honor of Allah, the religious right would scream "unholy!" In the Commonwealth, Muslim teachers may not wear a religious covering. This has already been ruled illegal by Federal Court.

(This requirement needs to change, a head covering is not the same as a Satanic Star of David.)

Jesus was not a Jew Ministries responds with a letter to the district on 10/24/14.

A teacher wearing a Star of David, as above or another religious iconography violates a child's reasonable expectation to  freedom "FROM" anti-Christ Religion and due to the school's Principal Sim who is currently establishing Judaism as a state-endorsed religion,  we are seeking immediate relief. For it was atheistic Jewry that brutally murdered over 65 Million Christians in Russia. WW2 was a plan to end Christianity and extinguish the Germans as well. Millions of Christian Germans were murdered because of atheist Talmudic Jewry.
The State is now clearly violating the Establishment Clause and now the student has relief
​under the 14th Amendment.


Children are being directly tormented by the Star of Satan/David have a right to the protection of the law. In 1894, the Commonwealth's Supreme Court upheld the rights of a Catholic Nun who wore a habit head covering in the classroom. The Court held that so long as the nun did not specify what religious belief she was of that no harm would be done. Shortly thereafter, legislators changed the law banning "any dress, mark, emblem or insignia indicating that such teacher is a member of a belief or religious order, sect or denomination" and providing criminal penalties for any school administrator who fails to suspend and or terminate the offending teacher after notice of a violation. 15 years later the garb statute was challenged, but this time the Commonwealth's Supreme Court upheld the ban. The PA Garb Statute was enacted in 1949 and later updated in 1982 and remains fully active today. After Christian Germany fell to the Jewish powers, the Commonwealth was one of just 36 states to effectively ban teachers from wearing religious clothing. In 1986 the Third Circuit and in 1992, the Oregon State Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of a Muslim in PA and a Sikh, both were teachers wearing head coverings. Muslim head scarf in photo below is completely illegal even thought there are no religious icons, this should be absolutely legal as it is completely neutral. Why is it that a Muslim is terminated and a Jewish adherent to Judaism is not? She violates the law, she should be treated like the Muslim and Mrs. Nichols, the Christian.


The School District's solicitor responds and misinterprets the Religious Garb Act and several cases he cites. The solicitor was hoping that Jesus Was Not a Jew Ministries would be ignorant of the 1949 Religious Garb Act and several laws he quoted which weeks before we have already addressed!

After the district has been warned, Mrs. Cohen, a Jewish teacher wore and displayed the Star of Satan/David necklace on again 10/27 and 10/28/14 causing further stress on a Christian student.

A Writ of Mandamus will be filed against the district. This will force the District to follow the current law that makes multiple offenses may qualify as a misdemeanor to the directors and a $100.00 per instance fine along with a suspension of the Jewish teacher herself.

This has now become civil right's violation and the State is violating the Establishment Clause and the children have reasonable relief under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. This is not anti-Semitism  because Jews are not Semites, they're Edomites.