Look, the 6 Million number keeps going up even though the 6 Million number went down in 1991!

Let's take a look at the schools Jewish brainwashing assignment.
Nothing but Jewish fairy tales for the goyim. 

We received a complaint from the person who took this picture. His 8 year old daughter is already being taught about gas chambers and the
 "6 Million Gassed Jew"myth.

As you most likely know, the Star of David is a religious symbol, as ruled by the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of PA. Yet, the school puts this Satanic symbol in front of your children's faces. If you're not familiar with the Star of David's Satanic heritage, click here. 

East Pennsboro Elementary, Middle and high School are indoctrinating your children with the historical religious Fraud. The fraud is known as the, "Holocaust!"

There has never been a school protested in the nation over the Holocaust Religion that is created and endorsed by Christ-hating atheists.

Brother Praise made history. 

Remember, your zionist pastor is a liar for the Jews and your pastor serves mammon. We, at JesusWas Not a Jew Ministries will tell the Historical Truth. 

We need help, both financially and sign holders during this monumental protest. You can join us. Even Jews protest the Holocaust and are against Zionism.

In Christ's love and in memory of the 250,000,000 Christians killed by atheist Jews. We Christians will NEVER forget you nor will we ever comply that 6 million jews were gassed in magic gas chambers.

When Christ appeared to me, I swore to never be ashamed of the gospel or His Name, ever again.

​ Pastor Ernest and praise

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Jesus was not a jew ministries.

The Holocaust is pure Fiction!

Here's what we think about your Holocaust Fantasy!

Praise and I are planning to tell the truth by protesting the school's propaganda of the 6 million lie. This Holocaust indoctrination memorial is an illegal violation of the 1st  that violates the students 14th Amendment. The Holocaust is antichrist Jewry and a complete fairy tale contrived by Zionist atheist-Jews.

Some pastors will tell the truth because they don't work for Satanic Jewry like these lying Zionist pastors out in our city fleecing the flock for mammon's sake.
These pastors have no clue about history.
​that's why you haven't been told that Israel did 9-11.

It's your Christian duty to protest, file complaints and to sue the school districts for violating the 1st Amendment. My child has a right to be heard and I have a right to stand up for Christianity in the United Staes of America. The Jews have you brainwashed into believing that reality tv is real. There is a Zionist plot to control the world and your pastor is clueless and a biblical and historical liar. 

real history!

Click the picture below to learn about the 6 Million Holocaust before World War 2.

The World is Waking up to the crimes and
​ cover-ups of International atheistic-Jewry!
 now it is your turn to accept evidence and to deny the holocaust!

What actually bothers us so much about this so called "Holocaust Memorial" is that it is being shoved in our children's faces with not one minister telling the truth. The Holocaust is the outright hatred toward Germans. Jews refuse to tell the truth about this event bc the truth exposes their Zionist plots.

The fact is that Germans were ethnically genocided by the House of Edom aka atheistic Jews. 

Praise wanted to tell the story of the House of Judah that was nearly wiped off the earth by Communist atheistic Christ-hating Jews.

There's not a single mention of Dresden's Bombing or the Rape of Dresden's young girls 8 years old and older and the 2.5 million German women who were raped by the Allied Forces. Stalin had such a hatred for Christians that he destroyed 15,000 churches in the Ukraine alone.  

There is no mention of the systematic torture and rape of countless Germans, Ukrainians or Ethnic Russian who were Orthodox Christians. The atheist Jews were also the Turks who caused the Armenian Genocide. It is evident as we have progressed in time to this current year, that forensic science proves none of the Jews were even gassed. Not a single Jew was gassed, for it is a myth. America had gas chambers for Americans for years.  The real Holocaust is the terror from above that the United States caused as she joined the hand of atheistic Jewry.  

Praise and I would like to put a cross in the memorial honoring the up to 20,000,000 Ukrainian Christians that were killed in Holodomor, the real and verifiable holocaust. This cross and a poster board with photos will remind people of the truth.  Atheist Jews have killed over 250,000,000 white Christians in a brutal slaughter to blot out the name of Christ, as the Talmud claims. 

Rabbi Joseph Stalin's Talmud, the Jews most holy book that is above the Old Testament to them says,

"Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice." Yalkut 245 C.

The Holocaust of Christians by Jews is even celebrated by Jews.

This message will be shared in hopes that Praise can put a Cross in the Holocaust Memorial in honor of all the Christians killed in the name of atheism.  We will protest and file complaints and eventually, our coming lawsuit for holocaust indoctrination. 

"The Holocaust is a Historical Successful Fraud" and anyone can google this. Students might as well learn the truth before going into a school where they are taught communism.