Allow me to digress or you may skip this section as it involves Ms. Cohen's history as a teacher.
The student and Pastor Ernest make a polite request for the teacher to follow the stat law. A formal complaint was filed to the principal and then Carl Beard. In the child's ELA meeting (parent teacher conference) with Cydnee Cohen and Principal Sim, she violated state law by wearing the Star of David necklace. The  principal allowed her to do this as he sat right beside her. This was about a month after our formal complaint. The Student and I politely asked her to obey the law in the presence of children and to "tuck the necklace under her shirt as the law requires." She was emotional and she couldn't even tuck it in for a 4-minute parent-teacher conference.
Rather than place the primary concern and focus upon the children in the District, the teacher complained to the Principal that Praise and Pastor Ernest were "persecuting her religion" and were being "Anti-Semitic" by asking her to tuck the necklace in her shirt. Cydnee Cohen has a history of abusing her teaching position against parents who question or challenge her. In 2013, she made national headlines by calling a Jewish parent a "Neo-Nazi and an Anti-Semite." Cydnee Cohen abused her position by taking school matters to private citizens so that she could spy on Josh Barry's Facebook account and his personal life. She should have been terminated for stalking a parent's Facebook account and using private citizens to stalk a parent for school matters. Click the link or just read the clipart from the news article. She even leaves a voice mail of school matters on a private-citizen's phone and that was released to the news.

How can you help? We are asking you to call the School District and complain to the Superintendent and demand that the law is to be followed. We are asking that a Jewess teacher is to be treated equally under the law as was Muslim, Alima Reardon and others who have had their teaching certificates revoked.
However, I forewarn you that if you pressure lawmakers to change the Religious Garb Act, you will cause atheists and Satanists be given the full legal right to wear Baphomet necklaces, Pentagrams or upside down crosses mocking your children's faith, for these are a religion as well. If you allow one religion to display their icon, you must allow them all. There will be nothing you can to silence one because you don't like the religion. The US Supreme Court recognized Satanism and atheism as protected religions on equal grounds as Christianity. The Ashkenazi-Jewish-Communist President of American atheists, Inc., David Silverman,  was interviewed about this case said, "If Christians are allowed to wear their religious symbols while teaching in public schools, atheist teachers can wear their symbols too. Atheism is a protected religion." The Jew who claims atheism is not a religion is singing a different tune now since Cydnee Cohen is his racial tribe. The symbols of atheism are a Scarlet A, Baphomet icons, atom and upside down crosses... David Silverman is waiting to defend his race of Jews over a neutral teaching environment for all students. If I were still the State Director of American Atheists, this would not be happening. I would challenge the Jewish religion as fast as any other religion who are in violation of state law.  American atheists was behind the Satanists distributions of material in the  Florida  Elementary School. Link and photos below of the Satanic books given to children in Florida Elementary schools. David Silverman should be expelled from the United States of America for corruption of young children.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair was a Jewess by race on her great grandmother's side. David Silverman will always stand on the side of a racial Jew who is a practicing or atheistic Jew. He is not going on the side of a non-Jew Christian, Muslim or other religions. He is a Zionist in full force. Zionism was founded by atheist Theodor Hershl.

The child and parent file a complaint to the District to follow the law,  we become the first humans in the United States to be given  a criminal no-trespass  with threat of arrest for being, and I quote what Dr. Jay Burkhart claimed we were "ANTI-SEMITES." We asked a teacher "follow the state law and cover her religious icon by tucking it in her shirt. She did not ask our permission to violate state law." To label a child, an "anti-Semite" has damaging and psychological harming effects upon adults, much less a child. The school district is interfering with a parent's right to his child's education and the right to non-discrimination of my child's religious belief. Jay Burkhart is using religion to punish a child. How would you feel if your child had a school event and you couldn't attend because the office is closed? You are not able to sign in as required by the school. If you go to a basketball game while the office is closed, you can't attend lest you get arrested because you are unable to sign in. All this over a religious belief that it is illegal to criticize a Jewess who is a lawbreaker. Only in America.

Now ask yourselves, are Praise and Pastor Perce truly  being"anti-Semitic?" Absolutely not! The Times of Israel News agrees that we were not "Anti-Semitic." If a teacher breaks the law and a student or parent asks them to follow the law, they should not be served with no-trespass orders! No threatened by religious Zionists such as Cydnee Cohen, Principal Sim and Jay Burkhart. This is nothing more than Jewish retaliation protecting a multiple offending Jewess.

Next, the Superintendent, Jay Burkhart actually lies that the child and I "wiretapped the teacher and principal at a school meeting." If we did, produce the evidence! However, at public schools there is no expectation of privacy and the schools are constantly recording the children. That being said, No recording took place on 11/24 &11/25 and no photos of Cydnee Cohen were taken by Pastor Perce or the child. If there were, we would have posted photos on our site long ago that were taken by us. We politely asked her if she would pose for a picture with Praise and she ran off into a corner hiding so as not to show the religious icon that is the size of a golf ball. However, I guarantee you that the school video has her wearing the Star of David.  Too bad we didn't record the event because if she has the courage to break the law in front of students, she should have the courage to show the world she is violating state law.  The school is threatening felonious charges against us where no felony took place. Jay Burkhart is doing this in hopes that we would just end our fight to have state law enforced. Jay Burkhart is without a doubt working for the Jews, who are his racial masters! He's a coward. 

That being said, I believe that the school has actually violated the Establishment Clause by labeling the child and I as "Anti-Semites." That is completely illegal.

Please tell me, in what public school text book can I read about Noah's son Shem who was the father of the Shemites/ Semites? Not a single text book. Public schools do not even believe that Noah's flood ever took place or that Noah even existed! Schools teach evolution not the history of Noah's flood. 

 The principal was told that we were going to the news and we would tell our story to any news agency who would listen, ABC27, NBC, Fox News, Glenn Beck, local News affiliates and even bloggers. ABC27 took the story. thank you to ABC27 and Dennis Owens for sharing this our story.

We can stop these satanic atheists in their tracks by asking our Representatives to leave the Religious Garb Act in place. If the law is repealed, we will be looking at teachers wearing religious garb such as the burka and teachers wearing upside down crosses or iconography mocking your child's faith.

May the 1949 Religious garb act stay never be repealed in the commonwealth. If you let one religion in, you must allow them all or you discriminate against the others. I know what I am talking about, I set legal precedent removing the Lord's Prayer from many schools. May God forgive me and have mercy upon me.

Regarding the case of the Muslim teacher, Alima Reardon was barred and prohibited by the Commonwealth from wearing a burqa while teaching in public Schools. Carl Beard erroneously states that Muslim Alima Beardon won her case on a Title VII defense. This is a misrepresentation as no Muslim in the Commonwealth may teach a class while wearing a burka. Just imagine the outrage by the Zionist Christian right wingers if a Muslim wore a burka while teaching students!

Cydnee Cohen, Hates Christ, that's why she wears a Satanic Star of Molech.

You may contact the Board of Directors by emailing and asking the Board to follow the Religious Garb Act. Several of the Board members are Christians, they just have no clue what they are doing by allowing Cydnee Cohen to violate the law.  May Yahweh guide the Board to follow the State Law.

There have not been multiple Title VII cases filed in the Commonwealth against the enforcement of the Religious Garb Act as Carl Beard stated. Carl Beard simply hoped he would silence the student and parent's complaints. In the Commonwealth, schools generally follow this law and many teachers are aware of the punishment for violating the law. The plaintiff Alima Reardon actually lost before the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and it set a legal precedent that Cydnee Cohen is violating today. As of 2015, Mrs. Reardon has not returned to teaching in public schools in the Commonwealth. Mrs. Reardon's case actually made national headlines that other states have cited as legal references in similar situations.

Our Writ of Mandamus will be filed and handed into the Commonwealth District Court and this will force the Court to cause the School District to follow the Religious Garb Act. The Court has to take the same action against Cydnee Cohen that was given to Alima Reardon and many other teachers who've lost their teaching certificates, lest it is being discriminatory.

We will also be filing a  Lawsuit against the District for violations of the 1st Amendment, namely the Establishment Clause that the school has violated for lableling a child and I as "Anti-Semites." A slander lawsuit against Jay Burkhart for falsely labeling us as "anti-Semitic" and a defamation of character lawsuit for accusing us of felonious actions that never took place. He has threatened to go to the police with a make believe story against a Christian child and his parent. This man should be ashamed of himself, for this  threat, which is retaliation against a student and parent. It is Cydnee Cohen who is anti-State Law and anti-children and by wearing her necklace, "antichrist."

I thank you all for reading this post and I pray you all call the School District to complain about this multiple offending Jewess teacher who attacks anyone who criticizes her, including my Jewish friend and his daughter, Josh Barry.  I and Pastor Matt met at his home. We discussed legal action and he went to the news as well. I remind you that  she called this Jewish man a "Neo-Nazi anti-Semite." She should have lost her job right then and there!

I want you all to know that Praise is so courageous in filing this criminal complaint to the District Attorney, filing his complaint to the PA Board of Education and being named on a Writ of Mandamus to the Commonwealth's Court of Law so that he has absolute standing. Most children would not be named for fear of being ridiculed and harassed by Jews and Zionist Christians. He has already suffered this at the school. Praise loves his Christian faith and I love him for standing tall and not being ashamed of his faith.

You can donate to Praise specifically or our ministry, whatever you can send is a true blessing, even if it is just an email.  He is the first child in the country to be labeled as an Anti-Semite by the Public school as is Pastor Perce. Technically, we are not Anti-Semites we are pro-State Law and Ms. Cohen is actually Anti-State Law and anti-students.  There are many Jews who publicly support us, just so you know.

Matthew 5:10 We count it all joy and we are  Blessed as we are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for ours and yours is the kingdom of heaven.
11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
12 We Rejoice, and are exceeding glad: for great is our reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

In Christ's love,

Pastor perce and praise.

No Star of David or other religious garb is to be worn by state certificated teachers while teaching in public schools.

Teachers are not allowed to wear religious garb in the Commonwealth of PA. The US District Court has continually prohibited certificated teachers from wearing a burka while teaching students in public schools..

East Pennsboro Board members, Melissa Beers, Matthew Franchak, Janene Bendrick,Anne Alger, Dr. John Bosha, Robert Copland.

A Florida Elementary School is forced to hand out satanic material to young children, thanks to the help of Communist Ashkenazi Jew, David Silverman of American atheists, Inc. American atheists aided the local Florida Satanist group, the local atheist group in distributing the Satanic material to children. Click the article link to read the story for yourself. I know what these satanic Jewish atheists are planning to do, I used to work for Satan as I was the Pennsylvania State Director of this Jewish founded organization, American atheists.

Praise is the 12-year-old student who is demanding that the teacher follow state law along with another student who is not named. Praise has even sent correspondence to the Governor of the  Commonwealth seeking relief.

 This is how the District responds after the student and I file a complaint. The District is protecting the violating Jewess teacher by threatening with felony charges and labeling us both Anti-Semites and ordering a No-Trespass Notice against a parent. Labeling a young child as an "Anti-Semite" has damaging psychological effects upon a child. We are not against anyone, just those who are violating state law.

Carl Beard misrepresented facts to the School District in the case of Brenda Nichols. The Court was not presented with a Free Exercise Clause argument because the law was not written for teacher aids (Brenda Nichols). 

Atheists just can't wait to mock your children's faith by forcing Satanism down your child's mind. It's time to stand up to the antichrist Satanic fools who call themselves "atheists!"

A 12-year-old student and a Christian pastor, file criminal charges against the E. Pennsboro Area School District.  the board of directors are allowing a Jewess to violate state law.

Praise, a 12-year-old Christian student and Pastor Perce, his father, filed a criminal complaint against the East Pennsboro Area School District Board of Directors for allowing a Jewish teacher to violate the law. According to Dan Eisen of the PA Board of Education, "Ms. Cohen is currently violating state law and stands to lose her teaching certificate." The law is being broken by the Board of Directors under the foolish advice of School Solicitor, Carl Beard. Carl Beard is only out to milk the taxpayers out of money by giving foolish advice to Ms. Cohen to violate the law. We should ask the Board to force Solicitor Carl Beard to refund the money he billed the District for erroneous advice.

Just a bit of background on this case.  On 10/23/14 two students asked Cydnee Cohen who is a State certificated Jewish teacher to follow the law and cover up her Star of David necklace. Cydnee Cohen refused and has continually violated the Religious Garb Act by wearing a "Star of David" necklace while teaching class even after students have requested her to follow the law. This is a reasonable request as several teachers have lost their teaching certificates throughout the Commonwealth for violating the law. So how does Cydnee Cohen respond to students? She cries persecution and labels a young child and a parent "Anti-Semites" and somehow pressures Jay Burkhart, the School Superintendent into issuing a no-trespass notice against Pastor Perce, who simply wanted the teacher to follow state law.  Only in America can a Jewish teacher punish a student who requests that state law to be followed in public schools. The child has even written to the Governor.

The 1949 Religious Garb Act has never been repealed.

Solicitor Beard advised the Board of Directors that the law had actually been repealed. He stated certificated teachers could wear any religious iconography and garb they wanted, including Muslim Burka in the public classroom while teaching your students. You can see Carl Beard's response to our original complaint and his blatant misrepresentation of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling and the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania who both ruled that wearing a Star of David and all religious jewelry and garb are illegal to be worn by certificated teachers while teaching students in the Commonwealth's schools. Carl Beard stated that Brenda Nichols won her case on free speech claims in Nichols vs. Arin Intermediate. However, the court was not presented with Free Speech arguments. In short, Brenda Nichols was allowed to keep her job because the Religious Garb Act only applies to full-time PA  certificated teachers and not teacher aids.

Is Carl Beard misleading  his client the school district for his own financial gain?  Or is the attorney lacking an understanding of both cases that he cited? After reading this page, he should change his position at once. Both cases were actually in the student's favor of a neutral teaching environment. All children in the Commonwealth have a legal right to classroom religious neutrality. This is not about silencing anyone's religious belief. This is about treating all teachers and students equally fairly as the Religious Garb Act requires..

The US District Court even ruled that the Star of David is a religious icon as well as other religious garb. It is illegal under the Religious Garb Act. The Star of David was ruled on in Brenda Nichol's case cited above on page 26, here's a screenshot below. The Court ruled that it was a recognized religious symbol prohibited under the Garb Statute. So why is Cydnee Cohen allowed to violate State Law?

Praise is a Constitutional Freedom Fighter who

stands publicly against Zionist Jewry. He's been on News across the world for demanding "Peace in Palestine."

This child loves Yahushua. 
Protesting the Israeli Defense Force in PA, 2014

MRS. NICHOLS, PICTURED BELOW WAS NOT certificated by the Commonwealth's PA Board of Education  or  else she would have been out of a job just as Muslim teacher Alima Reardon lost her job. See the section on Alima Reardon below. The Religious Garb act does not apply to a teacher aid in the Commonwealth.

read the entire case  by clicking the link on the left, the screenshots are also below.

Be sure to click the link to Craig Cohen who's a Jewish Pedophile teacher that was arrested  at the school and now a registered sex offender for life. He was a teacher at East Pennsboro School. 
We might have a Jewish teacher problem at the school.