YHWH revealed Himself to me and demanded that I awaken you that Israel attacked the U.S. on 9/11.

This is why I will not be silent! He gave me
​ Matt 22:32  as the foundation

of my ministry and told me

who I am called to awaken.
He showed me that Israel did9/11!

Matt 22:32
For I am the God of Abraham,

the God of (i)Saac (Saac's sons), and the God of Jacob? YHWH is not the Father of the dead but of the living. 

Dr. David Duke exposes Jewish atheist Zionism! Stop supporting Zionist Jews!

Stalin's third wife was Rosa Kaganovich. She was in fact, the sister of the mass murderer Lazar Kaganovich. Lazar was the head of the Soviet industry. Stalin's daughter fled to the United States of America in 1967. She married Lazar's son, Mihail. This was again another relation, Mihail was her step-mother's nephew. Svetlana had 4 husbands of whom 3 were Jews.

Who are the Ashkenazi Jews according to the the Holy Bible and DNA?
​ Jews are not Semites, Hebrew or Israelite.

The massive protests against the terrorist State of Israel. If you support Israel, you're not a Christian, you're a Satanic Jew masquerading as a Christian. You're a Zionist. You can repent today and turn from your wicked support of the Communist Christ-hating Jews.

I was upset that I was lied to since there was and is no proof of a "Jewish" Christ anywhere in history, for He was not a jew by race or religion.  I gave my all  to eradicate Christianity and to persecute and buffet the church. I did so to public schools and to the government.  It became my goal to do to the church what the accuser of the brethren (the atheist JEW) does, blame the church for lies and blame Islam for the assault of 9/11 and to hate the church. Atheists in America are taught to ridicule and mock Christianity, they are taught to hate Christians and persecute your babies.

They are taught to hate Islam while completely ignoring Talmudic atheistic Judaism. Atheist public school teachers are trained to mock, harass, silence and torment Christian children and those who adhere to the teachings of Christ.  This is being done on purpose by the Jews who are "atheists." Bring up the "Jew question" to the atheist and they choke up or scream "anti-Semite" and in doing so, the atheist admits that Noah's flood happened and that Shem, Noah's son really existed. Why accuse a person of being "anti-Semetic" which is anti Noah's son Shem and his children if the story isn't true? To an atheist, that would be like saying your Anti-Pappa Smurf. The phrase should hold no power over an Atheist since the atheist believes no flood occurred. In so doing, the atheist becomes an "anti-Semite" themselves. It's just that the Jews are not Semites, the Anglo-Saxons are.
When you're a Zionist, the bible makes no sense at all because you believe that Christ was a Jew by race or religion or you completely deny history claiming He didn't exist at all. However, no credible historian denies that Yahweh, the Christ who was of Nazareth, the Galilean King existed. There was never a time the "jews" were in captivity and there was never a time that the Jews were Semites, Hebrews or Israelites. None of Christ's lineage were "jews" at all. For at no time in history have the Jews ever been slaves to Egypt. The Ashkenazi Pharisee Jews told Christ in John 8:33 "we be Abraham's seed and we Jews have never been in bondage or slaves to any man." This absolutely disqualifies the Jews from being slaves in Egypt rescued by Moses who was guided and directed by I AM. It's right there in the bible, this is confirmed in history and in DNA.  Jews are not Israel and thank you Yahweh that His wonderful Word contradicts this Zionist nonsense in such amazing ways. However, I had to become an atheist to see past the Jewish question. I was trained by Jews to overthrow Christian America. Being a professional atheist means you must counter arguments that Zionist Christians use. 
However, I was never allowed to tackle the Jewish question. For this is absolutely not allowed at American atheists, the Zionist organization founded by Jewess Madayln Murray O'Hair. Today and Edomtie Jew runs American atheists. David Silverman who has constantly dodged debating me on the historicity of the bibleFor one must unlearn all the false doctrines taught by the Zionist Jews to find out the truth about the Historical Yahushua Bar Yosef. It was in this Journey, he discovered the Historical Yahushua bar Yosef or as the Babylonian Talmud says, "Jesu the Nazarene, who was hung on the eve of Passover for miracles and leading Israel astray."  ­One day as Ernest was searching the history of the Jews he discovered the word "Ashkenaz" in the Holy Bible. Being that Brother Ernest had been trained by Ashkenazi Jews and Atheist Jews, he realized that he was taught a lie. The lie was that there is no historicity in the bible, whatsoever. As David Silverman, a professional liar and a Talmudic Jew says "the bible is complete fairy tales, nothing in the bible is accurate." Yet, scripture, Gen 10:3 startled Brother Ernest to amazement. If the bible were not true as this Talmudic Ashkenazi atheist asserts, why then are there Ashkenazi in the bible? No one else on the earth are "Ashkenazi."
Could the Ashkenazim today be the descendants of the Ashkenazi in the bible? If they are the descendants of the biblical Ashkenazi, would thier history make the Holy Bible historical? Gen 10:3 is the history of the races of the world at that time. This chapter is where it all began. Any living Ashkenazi today are not Semites, the white race of children born to Noah's son Shem. The Jews are the descendants of the Edomites and the Canaanites of the bible. I'm not crazy, you are for denying DNA, history and the Holy Bible.

Encyclopedias prove your pastor is a liar. Ashkenazi are not Semites. The real question is will you continue to be fed by a biblical liar who is fleecing you?

Did you know that the word 'jew' wasn't invented until the 16th century? The 'j' wasn't even brought to English until the 17th century. Jew comes from Edomites. 

This changes everything. The USA was attacked by Zionist Jews within our own Government on 911.

The Talmud is why the atheist Jew Stalin starved Christians unto death!

Jews do not follow the "Torah" which is the Old Testament, this is one of their most powerful secrets. For the Jews are the Edomites of the Old Testament. They follow the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmudic law was passed down orally by Ashkenazi Pharisees.  The Talmud calls for the "eradication of Christians on the earth, the name of Christ to be completely wiped out, and gives orders for the Jew to kill the Christians." Babylonian Talmud: Chosen Ha'mishpat 425:50 "Kill the goyim by any means possible." The Babylonian Talmud is the secret hidden from the church, it is the absolute hatred of Christians by the Jews, fulfilling Gen 3:15, "I will put enmity between thy seed and the woman's seed. By believing the Israelite-Saac's son Christ to be a Jew is pure blasphemy. It is antichrist. The Jews were 'never slaves' in Egypt, John 8:33 "we (Ashkenazi Jews) were never slaves to any man." Rightly they spoke to Christ. Jews were never slaves in Egypt, never  rescued under the guidance of Moses, whilst being led by I AM. The Jews were too few of a people to match the number of people to be captured by Egypt over 480 years. The Jews at that time were the Edomites and were not anywhere near Pharaoh during the time of the Biblical Exodus.

Just a Reminder,
Former Fire Marshal RUDY DENT

blows the lid off of 9/11. "It was a False Flag attack. Never in the history of the modern world of Engineering has a highrise collapsed due to office fires."

The Edomite Jews attacked the USA!

"I was Wrong! The Holy Bible is historically accurate, the Saxon people are "(I)saac's sons" who dropped the "I" from "Isaac's sons." They are known as Saac's Sons/ Saxons. Saxons were driven into the Caucus mountains where we stayed for 130 years after we were driven away in 2 Kings 15:16 around 745 B.C. After the Saac's sons left the Caucus Mountains, they founded many European Christian nations for Father Abraham. We Saxons bare the racial mark upon our birth certificates known only as "Caucasians." The 'JEWS' have not birthed a SINGLE country for Father Abraham, nor do Jews fit the identification of the Israelites! Jews have never been so great a number as the stars or the sands. Jews at most have only been 14-15 million in number. Jews have illegally stolen Palestine by the help of ignorant Zionist so-called Christians. No jew will call themselves Saac's sons. Ashkenazi jews hate the white race more than anyone alive. You're cattle, beasts and animals untothe Jews. I speak

as a former Talmudic Jew converted to Historical Christianity."

This is my Awakening to Jewish-atheistic-Zionism!

Pastor Ernest on 9/11 at the PA Capital Rotunda, Talmudic atheist  JEWS DID 9/11 not ISLAM.

Communist Jews are not Semite, Hebrews or Israelites.


Purposely teaching that "Messiah was a Jew" is a Zionist plan that is being carried out to deceive even the very elect. Was Christ Jewish? It is a very puzzling question to believers. It is considered "Blasphemy" and most Zionist believers will shout. "Messiah was a Jew and therefore, G-a-w-d is a Jew," this is the common cry of the Zionist believer and even the atheist. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Pastors and ministers have quit telling the truth about the "Fig Tree" departing from the faith of our fathers. If you believe I am wrong, you run afoul with Dr. Martin Luther, the Great Protestant Reformer who warned us of the Jews and banished them from Christianity, for Martin Luther had read the Babylonian Talmud and he was furious at the Satanic Idumaen Jews, just as I am today. Jews have been expelled from every European country by force for committing terror and bank raping nations crucifying young christian children and murdering Kings and Leaders. The Time of the Juden is short!

Dr. Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer learned about the Jew by reading the Jew's "Torah" which is the Babylonian Talmud. He immediately recognized the Jews not as Israel, but the descendents of the Canaanites of the Old Testament, Genesis 36:1-3.

ISRAEL kills children, but your Zionist pastor is a liar!

Russia Today admits Zionist Jews did 9/11!

Josef Stalin was a Georgian "Khazarian" Jew. He was also a Jewish Rabbi that had his name changed to "Kochba."
Stalin married several Jewesses and had a child with a Jewish prostitute.

I was completely amazed after learning that the Ashkenazi were not the Biblical Semites, the children of Shem. Shem was Noah's son. It was this research that led me to the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud, also to a vast collection of Jewish Encyclopedias. Who better  to learn about the Jews, than from the Jews themselves? Learning the difference between the race and the religion of the Jew is critical to understanding the history of Christianity. The race of the Ashkenazim and Sephardim is the race of the Canaanites and Edomites. The Canaanites Hate Christ and his followers.
I learned that it was the False State of Israel who did 9/11. The Christ said, "Ye shall know them, by their fruit, Matthew 7:15,16." The Jews attacked the United States of America because of
Genesis 3:15, "enmity between us and them."

I submit proof that Zionist atheist Jews did 9/11.

Edomite Jews, did 911, own the Federal Reserve. It's the House of Rothschilds a Chazar jew who is enslaving us.

Nowhere  in scripture is Christ a 'jew.' Israelites were never called 'jews' and 'jews' are none of Yuda, none of Sacc's sons. Yahushua was a descendant  of Abraham's son IIsaac, who later dropped the 'I from Isaac.'s sons. ' Sac's sons founded many European nations, including America for father Abraham's posterity. The United States of America's seal designed by Benjamin Franklin is the parting of the sea. Franklin despised the jew. 

When I and Brother Matt learned the truth about Talmudic Jewish Atheism, that the JEWS did 9/11, that Communism, was in fact, a real threat to the Christians of the United States of America; we had to tell the the Church.

Did you know that Madalyn Murray O'Hair who founded American atheists, Inc., attempted a defect to Communist Russia during the 50's? This was when the government was still brutally murdering Christians and tearing down churches. Madalyn's great grandmother was a Jewess. I'll go into her history in the next few days.

I knew the moment this lie was revealed to me, the illegal taxation to support the False State of Israhell's wars, must be exposed and stopped! Islam is not the enemy of Christianity, it never was! Praise God, but atheistic Talmudic Judaism is the enemy of both Islam and Christianity! In this video below, you will see Pastor Ernest and his son protesting the Zionist Israeli Defense Force at a Jewish synagogue.

You will also see the Zionist forces storm into Palestine, in 1948, killing hundreds of thousandsof Christians and Muslims. You will see video of the day the expulsion took place after the so called "Holocaust."

The Bible  is the greatest historical collection ever written. The Bible and writings of the apostles and prophets Prove edomite Jews are Not Semites and Dna confirms the historical accuracy of the bible.

You cannot argue with DNA evidence.
​The Holy Bible is historically accurate.

Zionism was founded by atheist Ashkenazi Jews!


Communist Jewry has murdered over 250,000,000 Saxon Christians in the last 135 years. We are currently in 2 Thessalonians prophecy, the warning of the "falling away of the church." These are the days that the Church who is the "Hinderer of Lawlessness," has allowed the Jew, the "Son of Perdition, to be loosened from captivity. Jews have been restrained by all Christian nations up until 1776. The Saxon Christian church is the Hinderer of Lawlessness. Yet, today, the church is drunk on Jewry. She has become a Zionist monster who does not even resemble the Peaceful and Loving Christ of the Gospels.

Joseph Stalin had three different wives, each of them were, in fact, Jewesses. Stalin's first wife was Ekaterina Svanidze. They had a child whom they named, Jacobi.

Modern Jews today, are the descendants of King Bulan, the Khazarian King. Look at any ancient map of Khazar and you can see the neighboring southern region of the Georgians. This is where Rabbi Joseph Stalin was from. Georgia is just under Khazaria.  Let this post actually silence the "Stalin was a Catholic who didn't kill in the name of atheism..." Communist defenders masquerading as Zionist Atheists, it's game over.  Stalin tore down over 15,000 churches in the Ukraine and in Russia. He hated Christianity and proved so by removing the presence of Christ. His name in Goergian is "Shvili" which means, The son of Davidson or Johnson... "Djuga" is Jew. His name was in fact, Djugashvili, Jew's son or Jewison. Stalin's name before he changed it, was Joseph Jewison. Joseph David Djugasvili, was in fact, a common Jewish name. His racial Jewishness is no longer up for debate. During his days of being a "revolutionist,"  his name was further changed to "Kochba," the leader of Jews  during the anti-Roman uprisings of the Jews. 

Download Dr. Luther's book, "The Jews and Their Lies."
You will learn why your pastor is a liar misleading you and your pastor is a liar for filthy mammon's sake. Stop supporting these liar thieves who are Zionists with your tithes and offerings. Your pastor should be like Christ in John 7:1 "Yahushua would not walk in Jewry Idumaea for the Jews/Idumaeans sought to kill Him."






​JOHN 8:33

Stalin and Ekaterina

We must take a public stand against the False State OF ISRAEL!
For "Israel" today, is not the "Israel" of the Old Testament. These Jews are IsraeLIE.
No racial "Edomite- Jew" is a descendant of the Old Testament (i)Saac's son's, Israel lineage.

Jews are the canaanites who did 9/11.

Christ is not a canaanite Ashkenazi Jew!

Israel did 911 and your pastor at your church is a Zionist liar working for mammon. America is in deep trouble while we are all slaves to the Federal Reserve which is owned by the House of Rothschild. Thanks to your Zionist pastor, the United States is under the control of Israeli-Zionists.


Stalin's second wife was Kadya Allevijah, she was Jewish by birth. Stalin's first wife was Jewish and his second wife was as well. She also gave Stalin a son named Vassili, a daughter named Svetlana. It is also believed, that Rabbi Kochba Stalin murdered her. I remind you that Edomite Jews are not Semite, Hebrews or Israelites.

 A Prodigal son returns to his Father. I was the chiefest among sinners, a persecutor of the those who were religious. I was trained by Communist Jews at American atheists, Inc., to remove all religion from public schools, Government and to further the agenda of Zionist-Jewish-atheism. I was never allowed to criticize the religion of Talmudic-atheistic-Jewry. American Atheists, Inc., is a Zionist organization who continually blames 9/11 upon ISLAM. I apologize as Islam had nothing to do with 9/11, except for being a reason to war against Israel's enemies. I avidly take a public stand against atheism and the terrorist state of Fake-Israel! YHWH has sent me unto YOU, the 12 tribes of Israel scattered abroad the flat and stationary earth. I will not be silent nor will I walk in fear of the Jews. I have learned the truth and it has set me free.
Though the Jew may persecute  me, take away all that I have, though the Juden cast me into the darkest prison in America, I will speak the truth, for I am Free.  Satanic Israel did 9/11, not ISLAM!



There is a history that you most likely, know nothing about. This is because your pastor is a liar for the Communist Jews. That being said, I am nothing but a voice crying in the wilderness. I'm not a theological seminary graduate, nor a Zionist terrorist, as your pastor is, I'm simply a voice crying in the wind. I'm against the Terrorist False State of Israel and the entire flat earth is on my side. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the millions of Christians against the terrorist state of Israel and also against your pastor. The simple fact is, the United States soldiers are fighting for Israel they are not Christians. They are working for their satanic masters, the Jews.
I have no idea or any clue as to why "I AM" picked me, for you reading this site are a better speaker, a far better human than I. I honestly wish I could go back to sleep again, well, maybe I don't. However, life was simple for me when I was an atheist. I made a good living and had the respect of my peers. Whilst I was an atheist, many churches invited me to speak to their congregations and I would even be hounded by Zionist churches and they would bless me continually. I am not eloquent in speech, my life is nothing to be proud of, I see myself as but dung when compared to the Creator and you my reader. That being said, I AM will not leave me alone. I have asked Him so many times to please, choose someone else that He can be proud, that the people will receive. However, whoever I AM calls, He prepares. I have been to the top of the atheist movement, I have been trained by Jews, I've garnered the respect of atheistic Rabbis for my knowledge of the Talmud and the Holy Bible. I removed Christian prayer and Christian-sponsored events from public schools, and in some cases, even in the state government. I know what I am talking about when I say to you, the atheist, "Come ye out from among them, "the atheists Jews." I was a member of the clergy project, a featured speaker by American atheists, Inc., and the probably most radical state director that the organization ever had. I was commissioned and sent by atheist Jews to blind and persecute Christians and to blame Islam for 9/11. I've been on 700 Club several times, CNN, ABC, Wolfe Blitzer, Fox News...yet for all of this, I am ashamed. 
I thank you all for praying that Creator would awaken me from atheism. I AM has answered your prayers. I have awoken from atheistic-Zionism, for the Creator has heard the cry of His people. Now, those who prayed for me to awaken, are the ones praying for YHWH to put me back to sleep. They think I am crazy for standing against the terrorist state of Israel. The church has begun to persecute and even shame me, they ridicule and even torment me, even after the Creator has answered their prayers. Actually, I find it ironic. While I was an atheist all the local pastors would call me up on my phone, come over to my house, I was still a Zionist then. Today, these false shepherds will bear the judgment of YHWH, they will receive twice the damnation for leading Christians into Jewry. Matt 23:15 "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves."

I started out as a Zionist minister who became an atheist, for the scriptures as taught by the Zionist Seminaries and their Jewish  lying-teachers have purposely twisted the truth so that you may be bound and tricked. You've been hustled by your pastor. Pastors all throughout America cannot prove that the Jews were ever slaves to the 3 Pharaohs for 430 years. These pastors cannot prove that Jews wandered the desert for 40 years. For the Jews were not Israel, they were and are the Canaanites. Jews are lying to you to keep you unaware of the atheistic, Jewish Zionist, hijacking of Christianity, the hijacking of Christian USA.
The Bolshevik, Khazarian-Ashkenazi Jews have stolen our faith and heritage.  These Khazarian Jews are masquerading as the "Tribe of Judah." The Tribe of Judah is Germany and her Saxony people, many of whom are still alive today. Praise the Creator for we are the remnant of His people. Yet, we are dying by not reproducing. May Yahweh have mercy.
Jews are atheists and they are not Israel, they are IsreaLIE! 96% of all racial jews are descendants of converts from the Khazarian Empire of 740 AD. Just about all 99% of Jews are Zionistic one way or another. Atheism political Zionism. This is why Christianity is under sever attack, this war against Christianity is very real. Over 30,000 American Christians were murdered in U.S.A. Not even touched by media, who is antichrist Jewry.
Zionism and its doctrines taught in the church are poisonous filth to our children and our country.  Vice President Joe Biden, in this (short video from Shalom TV) confesses with his own mouth that "he is a Zionist." Ask yourself this question, if Vice President and the entire Congress are Zionists, and will admit so publicly, is Brother Ernest wrong in telling the truth about Zionism? It is a fact, atheistic, Jewish Zionism is in fact, the world's greatest problem. Atheists Jews have murdered over 200,000,000 Anglo-Saxon Caucasians since 1835. These savages in Israel have killed Christians and Muslims because these Jews are the racial descendants of the Canaanites. Atheistic and Christian Zionism is a threat to all humanity.

Zionism has hijacked the minds of the church, it is the unholiest alliance, Israel and the Church. Zionism has turned the Christian Church into the Synagogue of Satan, Rev 2:9.

There had to be a reason the fig tree was cursed by Yahushua bar Yosef, the son of YHWH. See Mark 11:12-25. Preachers today are misleading the flock for filthy mammon's sake. They are riding the Red Beast of Jewish Communism. Only until you learn the parable of the "Fig Tree" will you properly understand the Holy Bible, the Quran and the Babylonian Talmud. There is and can be peace between Islam and Christianity, for even our country was founded on a peaceful relationship with the Muslims in the Treaty of Tripoli. Peace in the mutual battle  (Christian & Muslim war against Talmudic atheistic Ashkenazi Jews.)

There can not be peace between Christianity and Judaism whatsoever, for the Jews hate Christ and His followers. Christianity was never "Judaic" in the Historical or racial sense. They are as different as night is to day. Christianity is from Yahweh and Judaism is from Satan, the father of lies and the father of the Jews. Saying that Chrisitanity is Judaic is like saying Christianity is Satanic.

The Jews have pledged themselves to the absolute eradication of Christianity.  Jews may never act like Christians. Let's read from the Babylonian Talmud or click above to the page.
 In Iore Dea (178, 1) it says: "It is not permitted to imitate the customs of the Akum, nor to act like them. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akum, not to comb the hair as they do...neither must Jews build houses that look like temples of the Akum." Since, however, it is not possible to observe all these rules in every place, the Hagah says that they can be overlooked to a certain extent when, for instance, it is to the advantage of the Jew to do so; for example, if a Jew would profit by a trade which requires a certain kind of dress.
IT IS FORBIDDEN TO SELL TO CHRISTIANS ANYTHING CONNECTED WITH THEIR IDOLATROUS WORSHIP The Abhodah Zarah (14b, Toseph) says: "It is always forbidden to sell incense to an idolatrous priest, for it is evident that when he asks for it he wants it for no other purpose but to offer it before his idol. Anyone, therefore, who would sell it to him sins against the precept which forbids us to place a stumbling-block before the blind. It is also forbidden to sell candles to gentiles for their Feat of Candles. Candles however may be sold to them on other days. Neither is it permitted to sell a chalice to a gentile  which a Jew has bought after a Goi has broken it and thrown it away. It may only be sold again to a gentile after it has been completely made over. For after it has been broken just once it can be used still to hold the wine which is offered in honor of their idol." Then follows the prohibition as to the selling of books to Christian priests, as we have seen above. Even the work of binding such books is forbidden to a Jew. In Iore Dea (139, 15) it says: "It is forbidden to bind the books of the Akum, with the exception of law books. It may be done, however, if refusal to do so should cause enmity, but only after every effort has been made to refuse such work." Likewise in Iore Dea (151, 1, Hagah): "It is not permitted to sell water to an Akum if it is known that it will be made into Baptismal water." Mention is also made of many other things which it is forbidden to sell to Christians, such as: cloth from which priestly vestments and banners may be made; paper and ink which may be used for writing books pertaining to their divine worship. It is forbidden to sell, or even to rent, houses to Christians which will be used by them as a place of worship. Nowadays, however, Jews trade with  Christians, especially on Christian feast days, and also sell them houses knowing full well that certain Sacraments will be administered therein, such as Baptism, Holy Communion and Extreme Unction. The Talmud can give no reason for this, and in the Abhodah Zarah (2a, Toseph) it says: "It is difficult to say by what right Jews nowadays trade with the Goim on their (evil) feast days. For although many of them commit all kinds of licentious acts and perversions on their feast days in honor of saints which they do not look upon as gods, yet every week they celebrate the Day of the Nazarene [Sunday] which has always been forbidden to us." Bartenora, however, in his commentary on Abhodah Zarah (I, 2, fol. 7b) it says: "Since, while we are in captivity, we cannot live without trading with them, and we depend upon them for our food and we must fear them, it is only forbidden to trade with them on their feast days. Furthermore, it is permitted nowadays to trade with them on the actual day of their feasts, because the Rabbis are convinced that they do not worship their idols just because they trade with us. And what is forbidden in this book must be taken as applying directly to idolatry." Rabbi Tam, however, contends that the Mischnah only forbids the selling of things to idolaters which will be used by them in the worship of idols, since they rejoice and worship their idols because they obtain the things necessary for that worship. He explains it thus
(in Abhodah Zarah, 2a, Toseph): "No one should wonder at this custom of ours. For, although we look upon them as idolaters, they can only offer up what they buy for money. Hence, our gain and their joy is not the reason for this prohibition, for they have enough money for these things, even if we did not trade with them." 4. THIS PROHIBITION DOES NOT APPLY TO ATHEISTS In Iore Dea (148, 5) it says: "It is only permitted to send a gift to an Akum on one of their feast days if it is known that he does not believe in idols and does not worship them." Maimonides has the same in Hilkhoth Akum (IX, 2): "It is also wrong to send a gift to a Goi on their feast days unless it is certain that he does not believe in the worship of Christian idols, and does not serve them." 

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith. "Learn the parable of the Fig Tree." The Fig Tree is the "Jew" and it was cursed by the Christ Himself.  I will prove to you now that the False State of Israel and the Jews, both "practicing and atheistic" seek to eradicate Christianity from the earth. No Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Ibgoo or Mizrahian 'Jew' alive is a descendant of Shem, Eber/Hebrew or Isaac's sons who dropped the (i) from the House of Saac's sons in Amos 7:16. The very first place the word "Jew" is mentioned in the bible you will see the "Jews" are at full war with Israel. This proves that the Jews and Israel are two different people, they are enemies according to Genesis 3:15. Two different races and two different covenants. Israel's covenant was with Yahweh. The Jews' covenant was with Satan, their father, this is why Jewish Rabbi molest babies in a ritual unto Canaan at their birth. Let's look at the first time the word "Jew" is found in scripture, we'll look in two versions, the KJV and NIV and Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.